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[Supernatural]Dear Dean

Name of Series: Supernatural
Name of Character: Dean Winchester
Warnings: angry!wording, slight profanity, some spoilers for this Season of Fail.
Summary: Dean, I love you but we need to talk.

Dear Dean, I love you but we need to talkCollapse )

[Marvel] Dear Tony Stark

Series: Marvel comics
Character: Anthony Stark (Ironman)
Warnings: Frank talk of sexual infections and slash implications, as well as light cursing.
Summary: Has Tony ever contracted an STD from all his one-night stands? Has he ever gotten checked? I ponder these things.


dirty dirtyCollapse )



[Phantom of the Opera] Dear Phantom

Name of Series: Phantom of the Opera (musical)
Name of Character: The Phantom
Warnings: Swearing and mentions of rape.  Possibly spoilers for Love Never Dies, but I know the spoilers and it's not even out yet.
Summary: The upcoming sequel says Christine has the Phantom's child.  Analyzing the musical timeline, this leads to a scary conclusion.

One more reason to hate the sequelCollapse )
Name of Series: Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness
Name of Character: Saya Torii and Yuma Fukiya
Warnings: Some mild spoilers for the manga, and references to some naughty activity

Dear Saya and YumaCollapse )

[Death Note] Hey, Near?

Name of Series: Death Note
Name of Character:
Warnings: Uh, spoilers, I guess maybe spoilers if you don't know the end of DN and what happens in Episode 25. And it involves gushing about a character I like, so maybe don't read if you don't like Near?
Summary: Just me fangirling a little.

Really hope I'm doing this right.Collapse )


Name of Series: Carnivale
Name of Character: Brother Justin
Warnings: Spoilers for both seasons
Summary: You do remember you have a sister, right?

Some changes I bought, some I didn'tCollapse )
Name of Series: Pokemon (gameverse)
Name of Character: Cyrus
Warnings: Some spoilers but not many
Summary: You could have gotten rid of them, maaaan!

Three daaaaaaysCollapse )

[Fringe] Dear Rachel...

Name of Series: Fringe
Name of Character: Rachel Dunham
Warnings: Like, nothing...vaguely for "Unleashed". 
Summary: Got two words for you, hun: stay away.

yup. you heard me.Collapse )


Name of Series: Without a Trace
Name of Character: Martin Fitzgerald
Warnings: Angry talk, possible male-directed put-downs

Dear Agent FitzgeraldCollapse )