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If you were face to face...

What would you say?

Write to a fictional character and rant away!
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Let them know what's really on your mind.
Our Mission!

If you've ever wanted to take a well-loved (or maybe even well-hated) character, shake them by the shoulders, and say "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!" or even ask "WHAT IN HOLY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" then this community is for you. ^_^ Welcome!

The Concept

We've all done it; ranted to a character in our head. What were they thinking!? Why in the world would they do that/say that/eat that/sleep with that person/betray that person/walk through that door/go to that country/pet that llama... the list goes on and on. And of course we, as the outside observers, know exactly what should have been done in that situation. If only we could talk to the characters, make them see the light...

Well, this community was created so that now, we could. Let them know what's on your mind; tell them you love them, tell them you hate them, ask them what the heck they were thinking, give them advice. In a word, rant at them. Write a glowing testimonial, regaling them with adoration, or even just headdesk at their latest decision. Have fun! ^_^ There are no claims, no prompts, and no deadlines -- just you!

The Rules

1. Letters can be written to any fictional character in any fandom or series: book, movie, TV series, anime, whatever. You can also write them to directors, authors, or creators of fiction.

2. Entries should be written like letters; you are speaking to the character the letter is addressed to.

3. Letters can be any length, from one sentence to one hundred pages, if the spirit moves you. You may also begin your letter with "Dear _____" and end it with your name, but you don't have to.

4. You must follow the basic posting format, outlined below.

5. Please tag your letters only with the name of the series.

6. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use an LJ-cut. If you forget, I will give you a two-hour warning before deleting the post. This is to save members' flists from getting spammed. I'll save the text on my computer so you won't lose your letter, because that would be a shame, but it will not be posted back onto the community until you come to me and grovel. Or at least ask nicely. ^_^

7. No flaming, trolling, or just generally being a jerk. This is a blanket no-dumbass rule.

8. Any letters with a notable amount of profanity or other PG-13-and-up material must have a warning.

9. Flames and character-bashing are tenatively allowed; I'm all for giving people a safe place to vent. However, these entries MUST have a warning. Comment-fighting perceived unnecessarily hostile will be deleted, and the member will be booted if they are a frequent problem. Positive letters are, of course, encouraged!

10. No advertising of personal journals or comms, unless approved by the Mod.

Posting Format

In Title of Post:
[Name of Series]Dear (Name of Character)...

In Body of Post:
Name of Series:
Name of Character:
Warnings: This is where you can put things like spoiler warnings, flaming/character bashing warnings, or if there is any profanity in your letter.
Summary: This part is optional. You may wish to provide a short summary of a particular issue you're ranting about.


Also, please tag your post with the name of your series. It's not required, but it would be awesome.


1.Can we write to celebrities/musicians/reality show contestants/politicians/etc?
No. Letters in dear_character must be written to fictional characters only. The only exception is to directors or creators of a particular series.

2.Can we write to a group or pairing, i.e. "Why can't you two ever agree on anything?", etc.?
Sure. Letters can be written to a pairing or group as long as the majority of the letter's issues are addressed to the pairing or group. Don't write to the group and then spend two pages railing on one member.

3. I want to affiliate!
Great! I'd love to affiliate with you. Please leave a post here introducing yourself and your comm.

4. I have more questions!
Please ask your questions on the FAQ post here!


Moderator and Creator